About Robin Harmon Designs

Robin Harmon headship
“Whether they realize it or not, most clients hire Interior Designers to solve a problem…not just to get a look.” Robin Harmon is a problem solver. She believes that true Interior Design is the end result of a consultative process that delivers artfully re-imagined spaces and beautiful interiors fit for functional daily living.

Robin’s love for design started early when she was just a child. It grew out of a fertile and playful imagination. “As a girl I would salvage things neighbors had cast off, fixing, painting and transforming them into fantastic new pieces. When neighbors began to take notice of the things I’d created, I realized that I could both solve problems creatively and economically by using my imagination and coloring outside of the lines.”

Robin sharpened her natural abilities by obtaining a degree from the International Academy of Design and Merchandising in 2002 but she continues to learn and grow with each and every project she takes on. “My clients influence me far more than any particular brand or designer. I always follow up after a project by asking what we could have done better. I learn the most from the answers to this question. Client input teaches me things about design that adds real value to what I bring to the table.”

Interior Design — more than what you see on HGTV

“The reality of Interior Design isn’t what you see on HGTV and Interior design goes beyond mere decorating. Decorating is about capturing a look while design is all about function. A true design professional should guide clients to those overlooked resources that will bring their individual and personal visions into reality. An Interior Designer can stylishly bring harmony and function to spaces that are out of synch while including a client’s own self image. My ideal client is a design partner who is open to new ideas, to exploring what their hidden esthetic is and, once finding it, pursuing it boldly to the end.” Robin’s forte is patiently working with clients to help them discover their hidden esthetic.


Her approach to using and reinventing existing pieces and working them into a fresh vision that captures a client’s lifestyle has won her many accolades. “I like to hear when my clients are satisfied. When they say I never would have done that Robin, but I’m glad you recommended it. Being flexible and open can bring unimagined delight. I worked with a client recently who wanted a very classical space. However, during our consultation his mother unexpectedly died and he inherited several pieces of great sentimental value which I incorporated into the overall design. He was amazed! I was able to pivot, without missing a step, giving him what he wanted in a way he’d never imagined.”

Robin’s Philosophy

Robin believes that there’s nothing more important than “how we live”. Home should be our refuge and the most comfortable space we come into contact with. A welcoming home reflects our mental state and helps keep us centered and focused on what really matters. By hiring Robin you can rest assured that you will be working with client-focused professional committed to building long term relationships that deliver beautiful interiors for functional living.